Sunday, July 28, 2013

Use Your Talents

Today, I heard my grandmother say what I think is the most important thing for anybody to do, and that is to use your talents. Well, at the age of five I had no idea that I had a talent to play the piano. Shortly after my parents discovered that I had a gift I enrolled in Piano lessons. I continued to take Piano lessons throughout my high school years, and even played a few songs by ear. Well, I never used this talent to it's full potential, and at the age of twenty, I stopped taking piano lessons and dropped playing the piano all together because I thought that I didn't have time anymore. Two years later, I decided that I wanted to try playing again and was highly disappointed when I opened my old piano books and hymnals and I couldn't read the notes or play how I used to. It appeared my talents was gone. One year has now passed since then and after listening to ,y grandmothers speech today, I realized another talent that I have and that is the gift of writing so, I promised myself that I wouldn't let it go to waste and share with others this talent that I have, and also to encourage them to use their talents and make time for what's important because if you don't, it will surely fade away.